Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Everything I Do, Nothing Compares 2 Your Song - picking the perfect first dance

First dances can be nerve-wracking to say the least.  There's the not-stepping-on-your-partner's-toes which can prove problematic, not wanting to look like an idiot in front of all your friends and family, and trying not to ruin your dress, sweeping around a dusty dancefloor.

But before you trip into the light fantastic, there is one big choice to be made:  WHICH SONG TO CHOOSE???

Who can forget the couple who choreographed their first dance in the style of Dirty Dancing:

Or the couple who danced down the aisle to Chris Brown's 'Forever':

Whichever moment of your wedding day to pick to do that dance in, the whole point of doing it is to make a memory that will last a lifetime; for your guests, not just yourself.  If you get it right, the piece of music you choose will always send them right back to your big day.

Classic favourites include Bryan Adams' throaty 'Everything I Do (I Do It For You)', LeAnn Rimes' 'How Do I Live' and 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' from Armageddon's (otherwise pretty forgetable) soundtrack.  The bride and groom would hunch close together and embarrasedly hug each other whilst vaguely swaying to the music, wishing they were anywhere else in the world at that moment.

Because of this, more and more couples are favouring uptempo numbers.  The rise of Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)' and Dusty Springfield's 'I Only Wanna Be With You' has been notable. 

Sometimes it's all about finding the right words and the poetry to sum up the momement.  A word to the wise: don't automatically go for the obvious.  You can find this poetry in the most unusual places.  Would you consider taking your first dance with your new husband to Morecombe and Wise's 'Bring Me Sunshine'?  No?  Really?  Not even when the words go:

"Make me happy, through the years,
Never bring me, any tears,
Let your arms be as warm as the sun from up above,
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love."

Picking the right song can be a nightmare to say the least but so long as you make one you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives, you'll be onto a winner.

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