Thursday, 16 June 2011

Do It Like A Duchess - how to be the perfect wedding guest

Before she became recognised as being one of the brides of the century, it was a case of 'Always the guest, never even the bridesmaid' for Kate Middleton.  We all have that Hugh Grant/Four Weddings moment when we seem to have a wedding to attend every single Saturday, but perhaps in this, we can learn something from Her Royal Highness: 

Sticking to a range of comfortable colours and simple styles is the key.  There is a place for daring fashion, but your best mate's big day is not it.  Do as the Duchess does and stick within your normal pallett.  While she looks divine in cool blues and gorgeous golds, you will know which colours suit you best.  Kate likes her skirts to sit just above the knee and she has a nice cleavage which she shows to effect (but never revealing too much!)  It's important to remain modest at a wedding - leg or bust, never both.

One pit that is sooo easy to fall into is wearing the all black ensemble, especially for a winter wedding.   Some might call it classy; everyone else will say funereal.  Kate's tried to lighten her outfit here with some burgundy shoes, but they're simply not enough.  The LBD can look great at a wedding, but weddings are happy occassions.  And it's scientifically proven fact that bright colours go hand in hand with happiness.  Inject some colour a bright pair of shoes, hat or fascinator, or even a bag.

When it comes to hats, Kate's got it nailed.  Never too big, never too small.  You need a hat that has character without having a full-blown story to tell.  (Princess Beatrice: we're looking at you!)  Rule of thumb: if you can't travel in a car with it on your head, it's probably too big.

When it comes to shoes, smart but comfortable is the way forward.  For all that you want to look your best, you will be on your feet for quite a long time.  Will the corns from those amazing 6-inch Manolos really be worth it in the morning?

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