Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Star Style - Celebs who get it right (and oh soooo wrong!)

Whilst we can't all go out and have a dress made for us like The Duchess of Cambridge did, there's still no reason we can't all find the perfect dress for the big day.  Dressing for the occassion as well as for yourself is the first thing to remember.  You'll look rather silly turning up at the concrete registry office in a Princess Di replica.  Likewise, there's no point in booking the city cathedral if you'd far rather wear a suit.

The time of year (and day) and your own personal style are also critical factors when picking the most important outfit you'll ever wear.  Forget any of these rules and you'll end wearing something you'll look back on and regret.

Join me as I talk you through some of my best (and worst) dressed celebrity brides.

Best Dressed Brides:  Caroline Corr, Princess Di, The Duchess of Cambridge

This is how to do it.  Caroline Corr knew she was going to have hoards of locals and fans watching her on her big day, so she knew she needed to dress to impress.  However, a dress that was over the top and fussy would not have served her well in the Mallorcan heat.  This dress is an easy laid back combo of the two and Caroline looks effortlessly chic and cool in it.

Princess Diana's dress captured the hopes and desires of a nation in one outfit.  And that is a pretty powerful thing.  The fluffy meringue style of the dress matched her warm and giving nature seen in the proceeding years with her children and her charity work.  The sheer size of the dress meant it didn't fade within th grandeur of St. Paul's Cathederal.  The expensive detailing in the lace and the sequins served as a symbol of the opulence and wealth of the country at the time.  The dress suited her and it suited the Nation.  Perfect. 

Okay, don't hate me for saying this, but I didn't like The Duchess of Cambridge's Westminster Abbey dress.  It was a work of art with all that beautiful lacework and folds of the skirt and it suited the ocassion of a future king's royal wedding perfectly.  But I don't think it suited her.  Kate is unquestionably a style icon and by-and-large is a very good judge of what she looks good in.  This is why her evening wedding dress that she wore to the private party looked a million times better on her.  It was simplicity itself with the simply flourish of the McQueen belt to keep it stylish.  The wrap was practical for keeping out the chill of an April night.

Worst Dressed Brides: Claudia Schiffer, Jemima Khan, Big Fat Gypsy weddings

Too much lace!

Too much like Oxfam.

Too much.  End of.

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