Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oh Baby! - Is it better to have kids before or after I Do?

When Ed Miliband married his long-term love Justine Thorton earlier this year, it was not without it's controversy.  And I'm not talking about the supposed hatchet-burying between the Miliband brothers.

Ed and Justine had been together for many years before tying the knot and had two sons.  Some people wondered why they were bothing to get married.  Children are a far bigger commitment than a piece of paper that binds you together with the State.

There were also cynical others like me who suspected that Ed Miliband only began to "believe in marriage" once it looked like his political career was going to take off.  That said, more and more couples are waiting until after they've had children to get hitched.  There is some sense in this: marriage is not time critical, whereas child-bearing is.  I've also heard it said to me that a couple wanted to have their children to help celebrate Mummy and Daddy's big day.

Whether you're cynical of Ed's motivation or not, he and Justine took the step of marrying each other with their children present.  Ultimately, that will buy them and their children more financial and legal protection from the State.  Whether or not it benefits them as a family unit will be known only unto them.  Good luck Ed and Justine.

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