Thursday, 14 July 2011

3rd Time's the Charm - wedding, but not for the first time

Marriage is a big business in the UK, but sadly so is divorce.  It's a painful, trying and often financially exhausting time.  So when there is a light at the end of the tunnel - when you meet and fall in love again - it can lead to a nail-biting decision: To wed or not to wed?

The bottom line is: no one but you can tell you whether remarrying again is a good idea.  You must go with your gut instinct.  If it is causing a rift between you and your partner, you must think long and hard about whether it is an issue on which you can compromise, or whether it would be better for you and your partner to go your seperate ways.  Is the issue of marriage worth losing a partner over?

If you do decide to take the plunge second time around, there is the question of what kind of celebration to have.  Many people feel they don't deserve a big do second time around because they messed it up the first time.  This is UTTER NONSENSE!  Some people worry that people will think them frivilous for having a big celebration again.  Again, this is TOTAL RUBBISH.  If anyone thinks like that about remarriage, they are not worth having around on your big day.  People who truly love you, care for you and want nothing but happiness for you will gladly take part in your celebrations, no matter how small or how extravagent.

Personally I say, you only marry for the second time once.  No matter how many times you marry,  you should always have the day you want.

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