Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beautiful Bride - how to manage your make up for your big day

It's just as important as your dress and how you wear your hair, but planning your make up is so easily overlooked.  Here are my top tips for making sure you look your best on your special day:

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Planning to do your make up yourself, a la the Duchess of Cambridge or Victoria Bracken, is fine, provided you known what you're doing.  I rarely wear make up myself, so I for one would be clueless!  However, if you're confident with a powder brush, save yourself a few pennies and create your wedding look.  If you know someone else who's good with the paint, why not ask them to do it?  It's a great way of allowing someone to be a part of your special day without having to make them a bridesmaid or a reader.

Eyes are always the trickiest part to do.  It's your eyes that people will be immediately drawn to when looking at your photos.  I advise brides to try and go lighter with the eye make-up, both in colour and quantity, simply because dark make up will look more smudgy and untidy if it starts to fade.  The last thing you want is look like you've got a black eye on your big day!  And let's not forget the most important wedding day make up rule of all: WATERPROOF MASCARA!

I always advocate getting a professional in.  Not only does it take the pressure off you, or someone in your wedding party, it also gives you a feeling of being pampered.  Hairdressers are good for recommendations.  If not, ask around.  Twitter and Facebook are great places to look for independent make up artists who are local.

Remember your nails too.  The other part of your outfit people will want to see is your ring.  It's really worth having a manicure, and that goes for the groom too!  Even just a good clean and light varnish will pay dividends.

If all else fails on the day, toddle off to your nearest Boots and ask one of the counter girls to make you up.  It's free!

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