Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DIY Weddings - How much of your big day do you actually want to do yourself

Your wedding is going to be the most special day of your life, therefore it's tempting to want to make all the arrangements yourself.  Further, it's hard to not want to make everything yourself: from the flowers and the flavours, to the invitations and even your dress.  What brides often fail to comprehend is that there is so much involved in planning your wedding, unless you have all the free time in the world, oodles of storage space and months and months of advance planning, it's nigh on impossible to do all the details yourself.  So the question becomes: where do you draw the line and start delegating?


In the film Monster In Law, Charlie (played by Jennifer Lopez) designs and makes her own wedding dress.  It looks amazing, no two ways about it, but we're all left thinking: 'How did she find the time to do that between organising a wedding and fighting with Jane Fonda?'  Making your own dress takes a lot of confidence and skill.  It's not a trick you can learn overnight.  However, in times of a recession, being thrifty and handy with a needle fits in very nicely with a tight budget.  Quirkier, more vintage-y style dresses are very in vogue.  Making your own dress at least guarantees you something original.  Although perhaps making one out of football shirts isn't to everyone's taste.


Creating your own wedding bouquet can be a fun thing to do as well as saving you money, but it shouldn't be done without plenty of forward planning.  Using flowers from your garden may sound like a budget-saving no-brainer, but garden flowers are meant to be outside in the ground.  They may also be diseased or be suffering from damp.  They're stalks are almost never straight, which can be bad for shaping or styling.  Get a little extra help from the experts beforehand by booking yourself onto a one-day wedding flowers course, run by many florists including Jamie Aston and Pesh.

It is our aim at Pesh flowers to use as many English grown flowers as possible during the summer months when they are most available.Would you like to learn how to create beautiful stylish floral designs for your home?Pesh Flower School. Flower arranging courses and workshops in London.
Pesh Flowers

If you're more an arts and crafts kind of person, making invitations, place settings and orders of service is wonderful way of adding your personal touch to your wedding.  If there are going to be hundreds of pieces to make, enlist friends and family to help you make them from a pre-set design by yourself.  Hobbycraft is great place to find inspiration and details for your paper souvenirs.


The trick is not to make things over complicated: you are the centre and the back bone of the show.  You are the monkey AND the organ grinder.  Getting bogged down in the details will leave other things forgotten.

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